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About the company GALWANIZER

Legal status: company ltd.


  • Zinc plating in fully automatic barrel line
  • Zinc plating in fully automatic rack line
  • Zinc - Nickel alloy plating in fully automatic rack line
  • Passivation without CrVI according to requirements of Union Directives
  • Additional protection of electrolytic coatings
  • Chromium plating on ABS with bright and satin effect in fully automatic rack line
  • Silver plating in fully automatic line
  • Nickel plating in fully automatic line
  • Copper plating in fully automatic line
  • Tin plating in fully automatic line
  • Research of corrosion resistans
  • Laboratory research and analysis
  • Research of product
  • Other services


usługi galwanizacyjne - Galwanizer


Zakład Galwanizacyjny


The company has: 

  • workshops (a mechanical, electrical and an instrument and machines workshop)
  • analytical laboratory
  • control and measurement laboratory

It also has an effective system of supervision of the process and the goods entrusted by a Client.

There is a perfect system of identification and identifiability of products during the process and once it is concluded.

Effective logistics guarantees timely deliveries (JiT).

It all guarantees satisfaction of Clients and security of the production process.



Clients (branches of industry):

  • automotive industry
  • construction industry
  • fittings for sanitary systems
  • electrotechnical industry
  • household goods industry


Galwanizer Ltd. is cooperating with suppliers fulfilling REACH assumptions. It is new, versatile system aimed at providing the greater safety in the scope of the production and applying chemical substances, which came into the life of the day 1 June 2007r.

The company is acting according to requirements of European Directives of WEEE and RoHS concerning the limitation of dangerous substances. In this scope eliminated from constants technological processes:

  • lead
  • mercury
  • cadmium
  • +6 chromium

The Integrated Permission was brought into countries of the Union European, as the formal-legal instrument, through the Directive of Advice (IPPC Directive - Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control). The Galwanizer company received the Integrated Permission on 30 April 2007r. It set maximum limitations for individual kinds of influences:

  • inserting sewers to waters or to the earth,
  • producing waste,
  • inserting gasses or dusts into air,
  • emitting electromagnetic fields,
  • emitting the noise.

bezpieczeństwo pracy BHP - zakład Galwanizer


ochrona i bezpieczeństwo pracowników w zakładzie Galwanizer


The company is meeting also requirements of directives:

  • 89/391/EWG concerning implementing means supporting the improvement in the state of the safety and the health care of workers
  • 89/654/EWG concerning requirements of the safety and hygienes of the work concerning places of employment
  • 92/58/EWG determining requirements concerning signs and signals of the safety
  • 95/63/EWG determining requirements of the safety and hygienes of the work concerning using by workers machines and different technical devices
  • 98/24/WE concerning the safety of workers and safeguards of their health against the risk bound with chemical factors during the work
  • 89/656/EWG determining requirements of the safety and hygiene of the work concerning using by workers centres of the individual protection
  • 90/269 concerning requirements of the safety and hygiene of the work at the manual transport


Additional information:

if requested, we assembly, confect and pack the goods in commercial packaging, we provide loco services Client’s storehouse, we collect raw products and deliver ready goods in the agreed amount, assortment, of required quality and to an appointed place.


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