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About us

We are a leading supplier of electroplating services. The greatest advantage of our company is a team of qualified and ambitious employees with an innovative attitude to the plating industry in accordance with the Integrated Management System. We have IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates. Thanks to modern technologies and advanced machines, we provide services of the highest quality. Our specialty is galvanic treatment of steel, ABS plastics and non-ferrous metals. Our services include:

Single layer coatings:

  • zinc

  • zinc-nickel

  • copper

  • nickel

  • silver

  • tin

usługi galwanizacyjne - Galwanizer


Multilayer coatings:

    • copper-silver

    • copper-tin

    • copper-nickel

    • nickel-silver

    • nickel-tin

    • nickel-copper


  • decorative galvanic coatings on plastic ABS (metallization ABS/chrome plating ABS):

    • nickel-copper-nickel-chrome


  • additionally, we offer a wide range of surface finishing in order to obtain the expected appearance and corrosion resistance:

    • zinc coatings with additional chromating (passivation) in the colors: transparent, blue and black without Cr +6,

    • zinc-nickel coatings with additional chromating (passivation) in the colors: transparent and black without Cr +6,

    • zinc and nickel zinc coatings with sealants and waxes

    • copper, tin, nickel and silver coatings with matt or glossy finish

    • ABS coatings with glossy, satin and satin-pearl finishes.

Customers (industry sectors):

  • automotive

  • construction

  • sanitary fittings

  • electro technical and energy industry

  • household appliances industry

bezpieczeństwo pracy BHP - zakład Galwanizer

ochrona i bezpieczeństwo pracowników w zakładzie Galwanizer


The Galwanizer company for many years has been cooperating with suppliers who meet the REACH assumptions. It is a system aimed at increasing the safety in the use of chemical substances during production. The company works in accordance with the requirements of the WEEE and RoHS Directives concerning the limitation of hazardous substances. In this scope eliminated such elements from technological processes as:


  • lead

    • mercury

    • cadmium

    • chrome +6

The integrated permit was introduced in the European Union countries by the Council Directive (IPPC Directive - Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control), as a formal and legal instrument. Galwanizer received the Integrated Permit on April 30, 2007, with maximum limits for individual impacts:

discharging sewage into water or soil,

production of waste,

introducing gases or dust into the air,

emitting electromagnetic fields,

noise emission.


The company is meeting also requirements of directives:

  • 89/391/EWG with the objective to introduce measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work

  • 89/654/EWG concerning the minimum requirements in the field health and safety at work

  • 92/58/EWG specifying the requirements for signs and safety signals

  • 95/63/EWG specifying health and safety requirements for the use of machines and other technical devices by employees

  • 98/24/WE concerning the safety of employees and protection of their health against the risks related to chemical at work

  • 89/656/EWG determining requirements of the safety and hygiene of the work concerning using by workers centres of the individual protection

  • 90/269 concerning requirements of the safety and hygiene of the work at the manual transport

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